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Year: 2009


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2009.

(1914 - 1998)

Jack Pell was born in 1914 in Castlemaine, Victoria and passed away in August, 1998 six weeks after selling the family-operated Nambucca Bus Service.  Prior to, during and after WW11, Jack owned a small truck operation and several orchards.

His business carted local fruit to the co-operative cool stores, the Melbourne markets and later Sydney.  Trucks owned were a Chev Blitz, Chev Maple-Leaf, KB5 Inter, KS7 Inter and Ford Hercules diesel.  In wartime, a gas producer was often used to power the trucks.

In late 1950 Jack and Len Leech moved to Shepparton and formed a partnership with Ted Phillips of EC Phillips Transport.  The two blues of Phillip's trucks were registered as a fleet colour and became the trade mark of EC Phillips Transport.  The union of operators only lasted about 18 months with Jack returning to Harcourt, Len to Castlemaine and Ted continuing EC Phillips Transport.  In April 1963 Jack and his wife purchased the Nambucca-Macksville bus service, consisting of depot, house and four AEC buses with 7.7 motors, one was a half-cab, single-deck, two were 42 and 45 single-deck.  Jack continued with school and town services and Australia-wide Pelly-Can-Tours until the sale of the business.  At its peak the fleet reached 15 units, including two Bosnjack route buses, a MAN and several Mercedes Benz.

The first coach was a 1969 Albion 53 passenger with jet air, 6-speed gear box and a rear engine Leyland 40.  Jack had many firsts in the bus industry, including an ex-Pioneer scenic cruiser which was the only air-conditioned coach between Newcastle and Tweed Heads when it was purchased, an RFW, 53 passenger coach with an 871 GM 5-speed box and 2-speed diff, a dual-wheel tag axle and three different types of suspension and an auxiliary-powered air-conditioner, a 1979 Domino Tourmaster with a Starliner body, a Leyland Leopards, a Tiger fitted with 2-speed diffs, and a Bosnjak 40 foot route bus with Rolls Royce gas motor.  The pride of the fleet were two Mercedes Benz 0303/3 coaches fitted with a centre toilet and side-emergency doors.

Jack was a well-liked, honest and hardworking man who was proud of his business and staff.  He gave his all to the industry that he loved.  Today, two of Jack's grandchildren, Damien and Tiffany Pell, still drive buses daily on the Macksville service.

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