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Year: 2009


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2009.

Peter Heinzel's father was killed in a car accident.  At the age of 15, Peter was able to get a probationary licence and with the help of his sister Doreen, he purchased an International truck.  Prior to his father being killed he'd help him load stumps on a tractor and cart, which then was taken to the rail yards at Wunkar.

He married on the 3rd March, 1956 but was so busy working there was no time for a honeymoon.  He took a load of grapes to the Barossa the very next day.  Peter soon purchased a brand new petrol Commer truck and a front-end loader to cope with demand.

Soon several petrol and diesel Commers, and a new Dodge D2F, were added to the fleet.  Peter carted whatever he could get his hands on.  Peter would lump bags of fertilizer on his back or shoulders.  In 1974 he bought a new Volvo F86 to cart grain to the silos.  It went on to become his pride and joy and in 1979-1980, Peter purchased an F7 and F86.  Peter and son, Lynton, worked side-by-side, carting empty bottles to Adelaide, fruit to the markets and bulk fertilizer to the Riverland.  He continued doing this until 1989 when he sold part of the business.  In 1992, Peter purchased an F10 prime-mover and bought part of his original business back.

Lynton and his father worked as a team, carting Nippys to Adelaide, freight from the Riverland and doing local deliveries around the Riverland.  In 1995 he had his first hip replacement but he still managed to get in and out of the truck with the aid of a walking stick and milk crate.  Even after another hip replacement, Peter kept working just as hard, carting bulk fertilizer and sand.  In 1999, when Lynton moved to Queensland, Peter sold the business except for the bulk fertilizer, which he continued doing  until 2005 when he had a right shoulder replaced and decided to retire.  During his years on the road Peter earned the respect of everyone he met along the way.

Peter and his wife were finally going to enjoy his retirement, but Peter took ill.  After spending ten days in hospital he had a massive heart attack just 48 hours after his surgery in 2007.

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