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Year: 2008


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2008.

Gerry Brown started his driving career in South Australia at the ripe age of 16.  A nephew of David Baldock, trucks were in his breeding, and so he began work with WG Baun Heavy Haulage driving a hot and uncomfortable Leyland Beaver.

Moving machinery all around South Australia, he worked countless hours for peanuts, but he was as proud as punch.  In 1957, he packed up and headed for Melbourne to work with Yellow Express Heavy Transport Section.

In 1959 he had seen better opportunities with AC Kelly where he worked until Opperman Transport in 1963.  With a short stint there and at DGJW Toll, 1964 saw him commence with Cec Thompson Transport where he worked until he brought his first truck in 1970.  With his R200 International, he was off to Brambles as a subbie where he did heavy haulage interstate for the next 10 years.  1973 saw the upgrade to an R200 cab-over International before trading it in on an R600 Mack in 1976.

After an accident in 1981 that left him unable to drive trucks, he opened a pilot-car business and spent 1983-1985 travelling northern Australia with Ausat installing satellite dishes in rural NT.  Back on his feet again, in 1985, he bought a K100 Kenworth and returned to work with Brambles.  In 1987 he traded it in on a White Road Commander.  He worked with Walter Wrights, the Clarke Cranes (until their acquisition) and returning to Walter Wrights again until they ceased trade in 1991.

With a lifetime of heavy haulage behind him he was quickly snapped up in '91 by Doolans Heavy Haulage.  The need had arisen for a new rig in 1994.  His final purchase came in the shape of a 4964 Western Star.  The 'Butter Truck' as it was affectionately known, was his pride and joy.  He continued on with the Doolans, moving machinery and mining equipment all around Australia until 1988 when he joined James Cranes.  He was one of the most experienced operators on the road.

He continued his love affair with heavy equipment, moving cranes until his forced retirement for health reasons in 2002.  Unless tied down, Gerry can still be seen today assisting behind the wheel of either his son Daryl's, or son-in-law, Jasons's trucks.....some retirement!  Today, Gerry even does the occasional run to Perth for Patash and Civil.

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