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Year: 2008


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2008.

Reay L. Hargy, known as 'The Famous' was a pillar of the transport community.  With an unblemished reputation Reay never had trouble getting work.  Blokes would be offering him jobs hoping he'd want a change and look them up.

Reay left school at 15 and got a job milking cows and cutting sleepers with his father before joining the local bakery as an apprentice.  Reay's brother Jimmy taught him to drive his semi, an AA Inter, that he used to cart milk cans from the local dairies.

He moved to Sydney and he got his first job driving a Leyland and AECs for the late Tony Elliott who became a freelance truck salesman at Duce Trucks, QLD.  Reay drove many trucks over the years: a 90 from Johnny Gapes, a Foden and a Thorneycroft named 'Spooky' for Aboods Bros., he drove the 'Ace of Diamonds' for Vince Wregg, and many Kenworths.  He then bought a 69 cab-over Kenworth from Henry Ran and subbied for Brambles Bulk Haulage, later to trade and buy a new 74 cab-over Kenworth 350GM: the first KW model to come out with the 350GM.

Later he started a 14 year stint with Bob Scott driving a new 76 model V8 Mack 'the greatest truck ever," carting a lot of heavy, long, wide loads.  He went on to drive for Mitchell Bros. in another Mack, only to return to Bob Scott again.  He also worked for Martins on the coal for three years, where he drove a W-model Kenworth with his first dogbox.  For the next eight years Reay worked for Chemtrans, driving Robert and Mary Singh's SAR, where he had free reign with maintenance and tyres, "The best job I ever had!"  After having heart surgery, Reay woung up his career working for two local blokes in Western Stars.  The highlight of his career was "....when I got my ass into Trial Bays' 318HP Detroit, with its brown tag N65 injectors, with a 12 speed Spicer gearbox on torsion bars, K100, the first cab-over Kenworth in Australia."

Reay is now living on a property near Wauchope in NSW.  He has retired from driving - 53 years of living on the road.  A real highway legend.

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