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Year: 2006

Arthur TraianonIs a fan of Internationals

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

The first truck Arthur Traianon purchased was a red R190 International which he used to tow a trailer for Barney Kerr on the Melbourne to Sydney run in the 1960s.  He later sold this vehicle and purchased a green R190 International and named it Little Sis.

In the late 1960s Arthur gave up driving interstate and purchased a farm at East Trentham with his father and brother.  In 1976 he married Leeanne and they went on to have two sons, Anthony and Peter.  In 1978 they sold the farm and moved to Bacchus Marsh in Victoria.

Arthur purchased the local beer run delivering out of Carlton and United Breweries from the 1st July, 197.  He started these runs with a Benz, Bedford and a Dodge tray truck.  Over the next decades Arthur's fleet consisted of Bedfords and Internationals.  His local cartage increased and he also undertook interstate work once more.

Arthur was very much a hands-on owner-driver, servicing all the vehicles himself or with the other driver's employed by him.  Once his sons grew to be old enough (probably not very old) they were only too keen to help dad and get their hands dirty.  They had grown up in the trucking industry and were keen to become a part of it.

Both Anthony and Peter continue to hold the same interest in the trucks as their dad does and although Arthur is a keen as mustard International man, a Kenworth recently snuck into the fleet with the help of Anthony who is a fan of that marque.  Arthur is now semi-retired but still helps out on the local run when he can.  Arthur (should he ever fully retire!!) is keen to travel around Australia; this time taking time to enjoy the scenery and smell the roses along the way.

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