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Year: 2006

Charlie RundellTruck Wreckers.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

Charlie Rundell was born on the 22 Feb 1936.  He started his driving career working for Watkins Livestock carriers in 1954 in Trafalgar.  Following this time he worked for New City Transport from Albury hauling all around the district.

Charlie later worked for Smiths Transport, and when Jim Smith drew a Soldiers Settlement block, Charlie purchased his smashed up F600 Ford truck despite it appearing to be beyond repair and against the advice of his mates.  Charlie rebuilt it and from those humble beginnings was able to start his own cattle carrying business which he called Rundell Livestock haulage.

He operated comfortably for several years until the railway decided they would cut the price to Melbourne by a third of the price. It was evident to Charlie that he couldn't compete unless he undercut his own rate and he couldn't afford to do.

In 1970, Charlie decided to pull on the brakes for the last time, sold his truck and went back to live in Melbourne.  Charlie had spent many years on the road and had been frequently frustrated by the lack of spare part availability when he broke down on the road and needed a hasty repair.  It was from his own past experiences that  prompted Charlie to start a truck wrecking yard and provide his trucking mates with a service he knew was hard to find.  He opened a truck wreckers yard in Dandenong where he soon became well-known among the trucking fraternity.

He operated this with his son, Ken, and son-in-law, John until 2005 when the new freeway incorporated the truck yard.  Charlie relocated to Yarragon re-opening the business as Yarragon Truck Centre T/A, C&R Truck Sales & Spares dealing in both new and used trucks and spare parts providing the same high quality of service to the transport industry that he has done for the past 52 years.

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