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Year: 2007


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2007.

Now into its fifth generation, spread over more then 100 years, Canny Carrying Company has achieved enormous success largely through the dedication of Brian Canny and his father.

Dedication and hard work have been the backbone of the business that began with a horse and lorry in 1905. Founded by Brian Canny's grandfather, it passed to Brian's father and his brother, and today Brian manages it. His sons, Greg and Rod, and his cousin Michael, all work in the business as does Rod's son Jai, the fifth generation of Cannys to enter the fold.

The small business that began with a hut as an office at the rail yards now has large modern facilities on the outskirts of Wangaratta and a depot in Melbourne. The company boasts 55 trucks and 60 staff, and the daily trips between the north-east and Melbourne average 15 to 20. Brian's career in the business began at the age of 15 when he assisted in the town runs until he was old enough to drive a truck. Later Brian managed the Melbourne depot through the week, returning home to his wife and five children only on weekends. This demanding life continued for 18 years.

Brian's father died in 1989 and Brian took over steering the company through massive expansion, advances in technology, and changing industry and workplace regulations. His family believe it is his resolute commitment, practicality and personal work ethic that have been the driving forces of the company's success. That success can be measured by its longevity and the number of large businesses who have remained loyal customers over many years thankful for the quality, personalised service they have consistently received, or perhaps by the many long-serving employees. His employees believe however, that the success of Cannys must be measured by the man himself, who, at the age of 80 years is highly respected by his peers, his associates and employees, the local community and, of course, by his family.

Over the years the challenges have been unrelenting, the competition tough and the industry unforgiving. But, for Brian Canny, it is very simple Just do the job and do it well.

Shell Rimula Wall of Fame

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