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Year: 2006

David GibbsWorked 10 years as a coach captain.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

David Gibbs is a fourth generation Australian from a pioneering family in Cannington, Western Australia.  David's interest in trucks and transport began in his teens when big brother Alan bought a Dodge and a MAN truck.

At this time David spent a lot of time away working as a roustabout in shearing teams.  When he returned to Perth he worked for Atkins and Dunlop Tyres as a delivery driver.  He acquired his B class truck licence at 19.  David was called to do National Service (1966-68) and worked in transport driving jeeps for commanding officers and driving army trucks.

When he left the army he worked for Mayne Nickless and Brambles in Fremantle, Western Australia.  He decided to buy his first truck, an International R190, and supplied to Brambles both local and east-west.

David then decided to sell and go smaller so bought a taxi truck.  He worked for a while in Kewdale and then for Brambles in Kalgoorlie.  In the 70s David gave up trucking and worked for the MTT in Perth as a bus driver and in the workshop.

Around 1978 Greyhound Coaches moved to Perth.  David joined them as a 'coach captain' and stayed for them for ten years until one of his work colleagues was tragically killed while driving.  In 1988 GIBBS TRANSPORT was established.  He bought an International cab-over and started out carting empty containers from Freemantle Wharf.

He has bought and sold various trucks, from a 1966 Diamond T to Volvos and currently Kenworth SARs and a Kenworth T600.

David is still doing container transport.  He now runs the office and has drivers and subbies working for him.  He's ready to retire soon.

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