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Year: 2006

Barry LaddAn enterprising young man.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

Barry Ladd is the founder and director of Perth Freightlines Pty Ltd which is a privately-owned company that has been operating for nearly 30 years.  A large percentage of the PFL employee and sub-contractor base has a shareholding in the company.  In this new millennium, and the world of big corporations, PFL is still very much a family company.

Barry had a very obedient and smart border collie name Soxy.  With the help of Soxy, Barry bought his first car and, being mechanically inclined, did some modifications to the car and sold it for more money.  He made a tidy profit so did it again with a second car.

Barry had wanted to be a truck driver for as long as he could remember.  On his third business dealing Barry decided to start his transport dream.  Thanks to Soxy.  For some broken biscuits as a reward, Soxy collected hundreds of gold balls at the golf course nearby and placed them on Barry's front door step.  Barry had a tedious job of cleaning the golf balls and selling them back to the same golf club.

By the time he was 16, this enterprising young man was driving his very own truck, a Commer, and the rest is history.  From that first Commer came the business Perth Freightlines Pty Ltd with 28 vehicles (utilities to 12 tonners), 81 permanent employees, dozens of regular sub-contractors, with offices and depots in Melbourne (Head Office), Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and an agent in Adelaide.  PFL is a progressive and proactive company providing exceptional personalised, quality service to Perth WA.

At 67 Barry had a heart attack, triple bypass, heart failures and diabetes, but being a tough truckie, Barry will never retire.  Transport and his beloved PFL is what keeps him going.

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