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Year: 2006

Max LieshoutTAHMAX

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

When Max Lieshout and his family came out to Australia from Holland in 1954, it soon became apparent that transportation was an important industry vital to the area.  Carting hay and doing milk runs became the family business where Max worked for his father as a driver.

In 1963, Max left his father's business to work for Camerons and after some determined saving, Max finally purchased his first Kenworth.  Soon after this, Max's fleet had grown to include four trucks and a new company had been born, TAHMAX, as it is still know today.

In all his years, Max primarily worked the Hume Highway between Newcastle and Melbourne.  He has kept his fleet updated, reliable and safe for his drivers.  In 1984 Max won 'Owner-driver of the Year'.  And Kinnears, a client for 30 years with TAHMAX, included Max's 'Big Red' in one of their calendars.  TAHMAX also carries copper for MM (Metal Manufacturers), super-grass for Balsom Blue and has a long-standing contract with Blue Steel.  Max has kept his clients for long-term periods because of his reliability, safety and good work practices.

Max has maintained his love of Kenworth trucks throughout the years.  He is a respected member of the trucking community with many friends far and wide, thanks to his ethical work practices and ever-willing ear.  So well-known and respected is Max, that no matter where you are in Australia with Max, he will bump into one of the many friends he has made in the industry; all of whom are more than delighted to sit down for a chat.

Max, now 70 years of age, in 2006, has spent his life working with trucks.  He has had no accidents and is a credit to the trucking industry.  Max is looking ahead toward retirement now, but still talks of keeping one of the trucks.

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