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Year: 2006

Ivan FarleyTriangle Transport.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

Ivan Farley was born on 24th April 1936 at Sale in Victoria.  At 16 Ivan drove a 42 and a 49 Ford truck carting cattle throughout Victoria for Roy McLeod of Pakenham.  Ivan then drove for Len Vaughan of Koo-wee-rup carting peas to Harvest Foods Company in Moorabin and spuds to the rail in Albury.

Ivan's first full-time interstate driving job was in a Ford Thames truck carting batteries from Dunlop at Sandringham to Brisbane.  He also carted pumpkins or peanuts from Kingaroy.  In 1957 Ivan drove Bruce Ritchie's S 80 Inter carting applies and spuds from Pakenham to Sydney and general freight back to Melbourne.

In 1961 he worked for Martins Overland Freighters based in Preston carting to Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne driving a Kenworth S-model and a White 4 cylinder GM.  He carted Vulcan heaters and welding electrodes.  As a backload he hauled furnace coke from Wollongong to General Motors Holden in Port Melbourne.

During the period 1964 to 1969 Ivan worked for F C Kerr & Son based in Williamstown driving a Mercedes and later a 90 Inter and a Loadstar hauling general freight from Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane.  In 1969 Ivan went to live in Sydney and drove a MAN truck for Teddy Coates carting furnace coke to Adelaide and bagged salt (loaded by hand) from Price to Sydney.  He later worked for Bob Scott Transport in Sydney driving a Mack hauling cable from Port Kembla to Newcastle.

Ivan later drove a Ford Louisville and a W-model Kenworth for Triangle Transport in Sydney.  This job took him into places the general public could not access like the mines in central Australia.  He also carted material for the weighbridge at the Argyle Diamond Mine and hauled to Tom Price in Western Australia.

Ivan also hauled overhead towers throughout the NT and QLD as well as hauling copper from Mt. Isa to Sydney mostly in huge roadtrains.  Ivan retired at the age of 64 in 1999 and moved to Victoria.

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