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Year: 2006

Sydney LloydLloyd Brothers.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

Syd was born at Berwick, Victoria on February 8th, 1916.  He was the eldest of five brothers and one sister.  The family farmed at Broadmeadows and Clarkfield, before settling at Mickleham.  Finishing school at 15, Syd worked on Weavers, a neighbouring farm, milking cows and working horse teams and general yardwork.

Syd got his truck licence at Wallan, a run up Pretty Sally and back to the police station was the test.  Around 1937, Syd joined one of Melbourne's first livestock carriers, Neil Drury, who was a cow dealer with a crate on a Model T Ford.

WWII intervened, and on June 6th, 1941, Syd and brothers George and Jack joined the army.  All were in the 2/12 Artillery in 9th Division.  The boys went to Syria, Lybia and El Alamain.  In 1943, the 9th Division returned to Australia briefly, then went to the no so wonderful tropics of New Guinea, Borneo etc.  The Lloyd brothers all go home safely and demobbed in 1945.

George and Jack went farming again, and Syd went back to Drurys, staying three years.  Syd then joined his younger brothers, Alan and Bruce, to form SA & B Lloyd Brothers at Tullamarine, carting livestock to and from Newmarket, and superphosphate and wool.  The fleet was mainly Bedford rigids, and Federal or Diamond T semi-trailers.

In the late 60s, the boys sold the livestock business to Frewens Transport.  In the deal was two Leyland-powered Bedford semis, a Bedford rigid and Syd.  Syd continued carting livestock for Frewens until retiring at 74 in 1990.  Always cheery, patient, caring of stock, and dedicated, Syd is a gentleman the like of who is rarely seen in this modern are.  Australia has much to thank for the dedication and determination of men the likes of Syd Lloyd.

Today Syd is 93 and still at home with his wife, Alice.  His health is quite good and he retains an interest in the trucking in which his son still works.  Syd has three surviving children.

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