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Year: 2006

Gordon MartinWent into bulk haulage.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

Gordon Martin started out in the transport industry with one truck working for the Merriwa Shire Council in the Hunter Valley and a life-long bond with the industry was formed.  Hard work and a keen eye for business enabled Gordon to capitalize on the many opportunities that came his way.

He was soon carting fertilizer in bulk from Newcastle into the Scone area.  Gordon is renowned for his ability to take advantage of opportunities. This led him to venture into livestock haulage taking cattle from the sales at Maitland and Singleton to the abattoirs at Riverstone.

No doubt there were times in those early days when Gordon must have questioned where he was heading but, in typical Gordon Martin fashion, no job was too big or too small and each one received the same amount of attention.  Along the way Gordon purchased many different companies and seized opportunities as they arose.

Eventually Gordon and his  wife Denise, now deceased, ventured back into bulk haulage, transporting coal from the Hunter Valley to Newcastle as well as to the local railheads to be loaded onto trains for the journey east.  Gordon still carted livestock but now the bulk fleet outnumbered the livestock division.  Eventually Gordon sold his depot at Ravensworth near Singleton and moved his livestock division, and what was left of the bulk division, to Scone.  Today the livestock division runs 54 trucks; B-doubles and roadtrains, anywhere across the eastern states but predominantly on the Newell Highway.  The bulk division has 22 trucks operating all over the place.

Gordon Martin, in simple terms, has and continues to feed a lot of families.  He is a self-made man who even now is always looking for opportunities that will add value to his businesses.

Gordon is known as a kind man who adores children, is an avid supporter of the Westpac Helicopter and is committed to looking after the people who make his business the success it is.

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