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Year: 2019

IAN BRUCE FORSYTH, commonly known as Bruce, was born in Melbourne on 20 July 1946 and was raised on a dairy farm as Scoresby near Melbourne. As a young child working on the family farm by Bruce quickly became fascinated with all things trucks. Before long he was helping out with deliveries loads of hay from Northern Victoria. In that era that type of load required hand unload into the farm hay shed. Being a dairy farm there were also daily pick-ups of milk in articulated, purpose built trucks.

Although trained in food technology, Bruce changed over from managing manufacturing in various food facilities to a career in distribution in 1988; when he gained a position at Linfox. At Linfox through a career span of 17 years Bruce was responsible for many of Linfox's main customers, including Coles, Myer, Caltex.

In 2005, Bruce joined the Glen Cameron Group and soon after became General Manager of Glen's local business ( as distinct from the Interstate arm). Bruce has worked very successfully with Glen Cameron to grow the name and reputation of the Glen Cameron Group to become a key player in the Australian Logistics Market. At the same time Bruce has worked with Glen on the improvement of the safety performance in the Glen Cameron Group and this has been recognized through various Awards received by Cameron's from customers such as Coles and Woolworths.

Cameron's service performance has also been recognized by the same customers and others, through other Awards for the great service category being given.

Bruce has always played an active role in industry politics and has contributed by serving as Vice President of the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation (ARTIO), Victorian Branch for over ten years as well as serving as Chairman of the Goods Freight Committee and sitting on a key advisory committee for the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) for over 5 years.

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