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Year: 2006

Herb BlanchardNoreen Blanchard.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006

Noreen Blanchard thought she was marrying a council worker.  On her wedding day she found out that Herb Blanchard, her new husband, had been successful in obtaining a fish run from Maclean in NSW to Brisbane in Qld.  Noreen's honeymoon was spent in a Fargo truck completing the first fish run.  This was the beginning of her 51 years association with the Transport Industry of Australia.

Noreen tells everyone that she didn't go out to work that she stayed at home and raised her six children.  What she neglects to say is that the family transport business was run from home.  This meant that Noreen was receptionist, secretary, accountant, financial planner, legal liaison, and, at times, the assistant mechanic as well as the voice of logic.

In the early days, countless days and nights were spent assisting Herb ensure that the trucks were able to continue to work so that everyday essentials were provided to the family of six children.  When Herb passed away in 1984, Noreen guided and supported her two young sons, Michael and Robert, in the business.

Noreen has witnessed many changes in the transport industry over her many years of association and she has never wavered in her support.  She states that Volvos were, and still are, the best trucks ever.

Today Herb Blanchard Haulage is a successful business with a fleet of over 23 trucks proving itself to be an asset to the road transport industry in Australia with its professional approach to business.  The business is still very much a family business, with three sons and one daughter all playing key roles in its development.  Noreen will tell you she is retired but be assured that she is still supporting and guiding the business on a daily basis.  She is commonly referred to as the Girl Friday but every-one knows she is much more than that.  The business started by her and Herb is literally her life's work and she has every reason to be proud.  Noreen has a passion for the transport industry and is a very strong advocate of the value this industry has to the local and national economy of Australia.

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