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Year: 2006

Barry Creeley1969: his own business.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006

Barry Creeley started work in road transport in 1953 when he bought a 1942 tray truck and worked carting wool to the Geelong Rail for Robert Purnell until 1957.  He then went to work as a driver with R Renfrey Pty Ltd until 1969 when he decided to go into business on his own.

He bought a 1969 Dodge truck and 36 foot Loadmaster trailer and drove interstate, carting for All-Trans to Adelaide and Sydney.  After five years he purchased a 1974 G 88 single-drive Volvo.

In 1975, he upgraded to a 1975 Atkinson 8.71 turbo-charged diesel which he operated to Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Toowoomba.  For many years he carted Ford car parts for Beckleys Transport to Sydney. Adelaide and Brisbane and also carried for Pilkington Glass to Sydney and Brisbane.

In 1986, the vehicles were replaced with three new Volvo trucks and then Barry's two sons came into the business which was named Barry Creely and Sons.  A depot was sited at 4/55 Denbigh Street.  Moolap from which the business was operated, sub-contracting mainly for Beckleys Transport, J McMahon and Sons and Shell Grit Merchants.  The business also carted wool and general goods as well as new Volvo trucks from Brisbane to Melbourne.  In 1992, the boys decided they would like to buy their own trucks.  Barry continued on his own until tragically his eldest son was killed in his truck at Moree, New South Wales on10th February, 1993.

Barry gave up interstate wok but continued carting water for McColls Transport for a few months.  However, not unexpectedly, Barry was so devastated by his son's death he could not continue.  His truck was sold and he didn't work for many months.

In 1996, Barry went back to work for R Renfrey Pty Ltd as a driver and continued working for that firm until they sold out to Amezdroz and Sons Pty Ltd in 2005.  Today, in his retirement, Barry still drives occasionally.

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