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Year: 2006

Fred CromackCromack & Tranter.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2006.

Fred Cromack started his transport career on the 20th November, 1944 driving a horse and cart for his Uncle Jim Tranter, delivering freight around Grafton in northern New South Wales.

September 1951 saw the start of Cromack & Tranter Road Transport, when Fred and his cousin Kevin Tranter bought two trucks and part of Jim Tranter Transport.  In 1954 the company started carting beer from the Grafton brewery to Armidale, Gunnedah, Musswellbrook, Scone, Coonabarabran and Tamworth and other areas using five trucks.

The mid 50s saw the end of freight out of Sydney by ship to the north coast.  That gave the opportunity for Cromack & Tranter Road Transport to pioneer the general freight business out of Brisbane to Grafton but created a need for more trucks.  Cromack & Tranter bought their first Diamond T petrol engine truck in 1954 and between then and 1986 had in excess of 20 Diamond Ts running from Grafton to Brisbane.  1968 saw the end of the Diamond T era when the company started buying Volvos which they are still running today.  Over the years they have bought 36 Volvos as well as a sprinkling of Kenworths and two B61 Macks.

In 1977 Tranter sold out his share to Fred Cromack which turned the company into a family business.  Fred and his wife Margaret carried on running the company and as their kids, Graeme and Jeffrey, grew older they joined the company.  Now there is a third generation of Cromacks working there with Fred's grandchildren, Tahlie and Brenton, part of the company.  Graeme and Jeffrey mainly run the company with Fred keeping a close eye on what is happening which keeps him young.

The company in now trading as Cromack Transport Pty Ltd.  It is employing 30 people, running 16 prime-movers, 22 trailers and 11 rigid trucks.  Cromack's won an Australia Day award for their services to the Clarence Valley.  Fred and Margaret are enjoying watching the company continue under the control of their offspring.

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