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Year: 2005

Grahame PorterMt Isa Carriers

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Grahame was born to Les and Myrtle Porter on 13th April 1943, the eldest of three sons.  While still at school Grahame helped his dad with his business; trucking sheep, wheat and hay.  He left school to do an apprenticeship as a butcher, but his love of trucking crept back and Grahame started driving for his Dad.

Later he started his own business in a Commer. Grahame, also known as the Reverend', had many hard years, but things changed.  After an unfortunate accident Grahame ended up in the North Shore Spinal Unit and had to face the news that he may not walk again.

His life had literally turned upside down.  Grahame came home one weekend in a wheelchair determined to walk again.  His determinations soon had him walking and he has never looked since although he initially spent his workings hours in the office and in the yard building B-doubles and setting himself up for a better life.  In 1995, he bought a timber mill at Yelarbon and had six men working for him.

In 2000 his love of trucking beckoned him again and he took over Mt. Isa Freight Lines, now Mt. Isa Carriers.  Grahame's youngest son, Derek, drove for his dad for some years but is now following in dad's footsteps having bought two triples of his own.  This makes three generations of the family in the trucking industry.  Grahame now has a successful roadtrain business servicing Mt. Isa and the surrounding mine sites.  He has acquired a large amount of freight, which has made his business grow from strength to strength.  Grahame has given his heart and soul to trucks and the road transport industry helping any person in anyway and not accepting anything in return.  He has always encouraged young people to enter the industry.

Grahame is a gentle giant who loves his trucks and helping people whenever he can.  His generous nature has made him a well-known and popular man on the roads.

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