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Year: 2005

John RobertsMack Valueliner.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

John was brought up in Richmond and in Maidstone, Victoria.  Life was tough in those days.  He virtually raised his five brothers and sisters as his parents separated when he was young.  This no doubt contributed to him being a bit of a tough nut, never backing down and not frightened to stand up for his rights.

John started work as an apprentice butcher but the call of the transport industry was stronger.  His first driving job was for Yellow Express in West Melbourne delivering transie flats for Dynon Rail in an R190 International.

John was a family-orientated man and often took his children on trips with him whether it be on local or interstate deliveries.  It was hard work driving all night, unloading and reloading by hand all day, then driving all night to get home again.  John always was, and still is at 62, a very hard worker.  He still works six days.  Companies he has driven for over the years include Yellow Express in an R190 International, McFees Kensington in a 1418 Benz, Esso Spotswood in a COE Kenworth truck and dog, F Vitale and Sons of Essendon in a Volvo and a White Road Commander.  Later he worked for the Commonwealth Government in a Mack Valueliner and the Linfox organisation in a Kenworth Aerodyne B-double.

When John was home from his interstate trips he spent time watching his children play sport and helping the clubs they played for raise money through raffles, bottle drives and fundraising bbqs.  John loves a beer after working hard all week.

John has always been a good mate to his children who have nominated him for this award.  They are truly proud of the contribution he has made to the road transport industry as are we all.

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