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Year: 2005

Bob Sealey05sealeybob2

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

Bob Sealey wasn't born into a truck driving family.  In fact, at his family's insistence, after leaving school, he went off to study accountancy.  A secure career in a bank is what his parents had in mind.  Bob had different ideas.

While still in his mid teenage years Bob left home and travelled to the north-west of Australian to get whatever work he could.  It wasn't very long before he ended up driving trucks, many of them models that today would be considered classics.  Many of the jobs he did in the 1960s were associated with remote area oil exploration out in the bush.

After that Bob returned to Melbourne and began driving interstate for T.M. Grayson Pty Ltd.  It wasn't long before Bob was establishing himself as a pretty good mile-maker.  No mean feat considering he was only driving an old English cab Atkinson with a 150 HP Gardner engine and 46mph diffs.  After Graysons, Bob began driving for Wettenhalls.  Wettenhall Cartage Co. Was a company well ahead of its time and embodied what truck driving was all about in those days.  The mateships formed are still strong today.  Bob recently organised a huge reunion for past drivers.

Bob later moved into the regular linehaul operation of Mayne Nickless under the Jetspress banner.  Here Bob ended up doing the Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide express sharing several trucks and with John Nyhus.  In forty years of driving trucks, Bob has never held a local job and most of his driving has been at night.  He estimates he has driven between nine and ten million kilometres in that time with only one injury-free accident from which he was cleared of any blame.

Bob Sealey is an excellent ambassador for the transport industry and has always taken time to ensure that new, young drivers learn the correct attitude to driving.  He helps organise a truckie's reunion every year.

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