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Year: 2005

Howard ShanksPortraying the Trucking Industry.Not just a log truck.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

It can be assumed that Howard Shanks was born with trucking in his blood.  During his school years Howard developed two passions; one was for photography and the other for trucking.  He would spend most holidays in local log trucks learning how to drive them.

While completing his trade as a fitter and turner, Howard took a second job with Freezer Freight Services.  By the mid 80's Howard had moved to Mansfield to take up a position driving a log truck.  It was a big black Oshkosh and it's an experience he'll never forget!

Later he worked at a local quarry driving the flagship, a Ford LTL.  Howard took a series of photos of the LTL and with the hope of entering it in Truckin' Life's Shell Rig of the Year.

A few weeks later, Shanksie received a call that would ultimately change his career forever.  The editor offered him the associate editor's position.  Howard worked at the magazine for almost four years and discovered a burning ambition to pioneer new avenues in road transport media to tell our stories.

He left the magazine to establish his own business and pursue his goals of developing a dedication Australian trucking website and producing high trucking documentaries for video and DVD.  Today enjoys in excess of half a million hits per month and is known the world over.  There is no doubt that Shanksie's hands on experience in trucking have helped him portray the trucking industry.

The Australian Roadtrains in Action video/DVD series bears the unique signature of this man whose dedication, attention to detail and passion forth the trucking industry continues to drive him to find new and exciting ways of telling our stories.

Shell Rimula Wall of Fame

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