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Year: 2005

Don SmithStarted his own company.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

Don Smith has been involved with the trucking industry for over 50 years.  Born with a truck wrecking yard as a playground, he first started work as a bowser boy and apprentice motor mechanic at a local service station.  After finishing his apprenticeship, Don started work for the family truck wrecking business, C.W. & A.D. Smith, Forest Rd, Hurstvile.

Under the guidance of his grandfather Charlie, and his dad, Alex, working in the wrecking yard gave Don the opportunity to see the growing demand for people able to rebuild truck gearboxes and differentials.

Don eventually started working for Arthur Glenn of A & M Glenn, the fires specialised company that rebuilt truck gearboxes and diffs in the mid 60s.  In 1969 Don Smith decided to start his own company.  Nu-Truck Spares Pty. Ltd. to import truck parts and distribute them throughout Australia at competitive prices.  He also started a rebuilding program with Fuller, Eaton and Rockwell products.  After 20 years of dealing in parts, Don's initial interest in rebuilding returned and evolved into the formation of a specialised gearbox and diff program.  Truck Transmissions Pty. Ltd. was formed.  It was a specialised re-builder and by 1993 was so successful that a new warehouse and workshop was built in Chipping Norton to cope with demand.

Today, Don's company sells most heavy-duty truck lines, such as Fuller, Eaton, Rockwell/Meritor, Volvo, Scania and Benz.  It has the largest stock of gear sets and exchange units in Australia.  Don's legacy is such that Truck Transmissions does not advertise.  Don lets quality and service speak for itself and it speaks volumes.  Today, the fourth generation of the Smith clan, Don's kids, has followed the same faithful path of serving the trucking community and running the family business.

Don has been a great influence, especially in the Sydney area, in keeping Australia at the forefront of the trucking industry technologies.  Because of people like Don Smith, Australia has one the best, if not the best, trucking industry in the world.

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