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Year: 2005

Joseph MurphyMack Trucks

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Joseph Murphy is a name synonymous with customer service in the Mack world. He was the first Mack sales representative in the Northern Territory and South Australia. His reputation preceded him as he was known for going the extra length for his customers.

Joseph helped mould the Mack brand into the company that it is today particularly in the remote areas of the Northern Territory with its harsh operating environment, bush roads and almost non-existent beef network roads.

Joseph worked for Freighter in 1952 fitting Pantecs for John Ryan Co and Noel Buntine in Alice Springs.

He then moved from Adelaide to Sydney in the mid 1950s to work for the old SEC lifting up all the power lines to twice the height of the normal Mack. Between 1954 and 1963, Joseph sold Macks to BHP, who was most appreciative of his services. O'Neills of Sydney bought 2 Macks in the mid-1950s, one for pushing and one for pulling.  Joseph convinced them Macks were the trucks for the job and then he says, the Macks soon proved he was right.

Joseph set the standard which many Mack salesmen have tried to reach in following years. He no doubt played a key role in helping establish the Mack name in the Northern Territory and other remote and regional areas.  People trusted his word because if he didn't think the truck suited the job he'd be quick to tell them so.

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