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Year: 2005

Frank D'Agostino ID Transport

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Frank's initiation to the transport industry came at a young age. His father (Pop) had a couple of tray trucks, an ex-army KB5 and a Ford V8 side valve. Frank would regularly travel from Melbourne to Cobram with Pop to load fruit, which was then carted to the Melbourne market.

As time went on Pop started doing interstate trips in a new Commer R7 petrol engine with a 19 foot tray and an 18' dog trailer between Melbourne and Adelaide and whenever possible, a young Frank would be right by his side learning the ropes..

When Frank was 14, the trips with Pop far outnumbered the days spent in school so he left his formal education and start working with Pop full-time. Not long after, whilst his parents were in the city, Frank took the loaded truck from the front of their home and delivered the load to Adelaide. Fortunately Frank arrived safely and with more front than Myers, he went to the Motor Registry Office, told them he was 16, passed the driving test and got his licence. Frank drove many miles before purchasing his own Commer which he later upgraded to a Dodge 760 V8. Unfortunately, like many of his truckie peers, Frank lost his truck and spent a short time at Her Majesty's pleasure, thanks to the old road tax laws.

Whilst driving for Selwoods, Frank became the operations manager and to reward him for his effort and devotion he was given the opportunity to purchase a truck in partnership with Frank Selwood. A Ford LNT was purchased and Seltino Trucking was born.  The Seltino business grew. After several years Frank took over the business and primarily carried fresh produce and dairy between Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. He sold it to Eastoes in 1987.

In 1989 Noel Griffin of Refrigerated Roadways approached Frank and gave him the opportunity to purchase 4 SAR Kenworths and 4 trailers and return to work in the transport industry. Frank jumped at the opportunity and started a company called I.D Transport which is still running today. As managing director, Frank has built LID Transport into a business that employs 360 people, operates six depots throughout eastern Australia and has in excess of 100 trucks and 140 trailers.

For all his success Frank has remained extremely humble. He and wife, Jeanette, have raised a family of four children, all of whom have worked, or still work, in the road transport industry.

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