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Year: 2005

Patrick DayDays Oaklands Tanker

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Patrick William Day joined his father's local carting business in Oaklands, NSW in 1953, aged sixteen. At the time, the small business operated locally, transporting wool and grain to rail. 1954 was the turning point for the business when free trading between states was announced which allowed them to carry livestock, wool, fuel and fertilizer both local and  interstate.

One of Pat's earliest experiences in stock carting was when he travelled to Thargomindah in the south-west of Queensland, carting cattle during the drought of 1957.

Pat was extremely proud of the fact that they built, in their workshop, their own trailers and stock crates during this time.  In the following years the business was to grow significantly. In 1966 they were awarded a bulk fuel cartage contract with BP Melbourne to Leeton, which in future years would be extended to include many points in the Riverina. In December 1972 they purchased their first Kenworth and in March 1973 they bought their first farm. Pat's eldest son, Peter, joined the business in 1977 and Gavin, Pat's youngest son, joined in the early '80s, along with Wally's two sons, Andrew and Craig.

Later, Pat became heavily involved in his community, joining the West Corrigan Private Irrigation District Board in 1982 and later the Local Council in 1988. While participating in these leadership roles, Pat worked on and consolidated E.W Day and Sons until 1995 when the decision was made to split the family business.

Pat and his sons, Peter and Gavin, run a successful transport and farming enterprise under the name "Days Farms' and 'Days Oaklands."

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