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Year: 2005

Ronnie DoyleRonnie Doyle

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005.

Doylie made his first contribution to the transport industry when he chose to become a truck driver. His interstate experience began driving a car carrier for Nicky Banavas thus laying a firm foundation as a truck driver amid the interstate trucking fraternity. He moved on, driving a Foden, for the Sydney-based Abode family, memories he still cherishes to this day.

Driving S-model Kenworths for Blomfield & Camerons was ground- breaking days with the import of these vehicles. The vision of these men changed the industry for the better. Being part of that was a wonderful time for all.

Working  for Scarfe Transport was indeed a challenge, hauling drilling equipment and general freight in harsh country west of the Alice tested the best of men. Doylie then moved on finding work with Cold Storage headed up by Tony Nivens. Melbourne, Perth, across the top to Darwin, down to Alice and back to Sydney became a regular run. The Nullabour wasn't made then, nor was the South Road to Alice; even parts of NSW had sections of dirt. It was a  hard task for those in the trucking industry  but Doylie was one of the tough men who conquered it.

Doylie also drove the first tri-axle for Western Transport in the heavy haulage section, another ground-breaking force in the industry. He took on the task of transport manager for Eagles & Braham increasing the work load of the company, and jobs for others within the workforce of the industry.

His main contribution to the transport industry was just being there. He is a pioneer in his own right with a camaraderie and mate-ship the likes of which other industries can only dream. Ronnie made his mark, has been there, done that. Most importantly, he made a difference. He really is one of this industry's true characters of the road.

Ronald Victor Doyle passed away suddenly in South Australia on January 8th, 2012. He was 74.

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