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Year: 2005

Bruce and Kevin Dickinson05dickinsonbrucekevin2

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Bruce Dickinson like his brother was introduced to trucking by his father William (Bill). One of his earliest jobs was driving for Mawhinney Transport carting Monier pipes and livestock throughout western New South Wales.

He later joined his brother Kevin to drive a Commer Knocker transporting Monier Pipes. Bruce then went to work for the opposition, Ray Holland, carting sheep in triple deck units.  Bruce decided in 1968 to go into manufacturing of new 3x2 convertibles and 2 deck cattle units for livestock transporters. When he was doing this work Bruce bought a Monoque Freighter Body with steel and aluminium sides. It was fitted with 2 decks and was successful in transporting cattle safely.  Bruce was employed by Australian Agriculture Company to take 800 cattle from Anthony's Lagoon to the abattoirs in Townsville in 1970. This proved to be good for their manufacturing business as more transporters got to see his double deck cattle crates.  Bruce continued his business, both transport and manufacturing, until his sons Wayne, Craig and Graham took over.

Kevin Dickinson was working as a Furniture Removalists' offsider by 1953/54. He purchased his first truck a 1954 Ford F600 and started Carting General Freight. He sold this truck and went to work for IHJ Mawhinney carting Monier pipes and then went into livestock cartage.  In 1959 Kevin started his own business carting the Monier pipes with a l958 Federal Truck and second-hand trailer. He soon sold this and purchased a Commer Knocker and 36' single axle trailer and then a later Knocker.   Kevin saw a need for a way to carry more cattle each load and went into manufacturing double deck crates. After much trial and lots of turnovers he finally purchased 3 Maguris Deutz Prime Movers which had heavier springs and were much safer. As trucks improved Kevin travelled further with his loads which lead him to contract to carry cattle from Wyndham to the Abattoirs in Western Australia. When this door closed he moved back to Sydney and contracted to move containers off the wharf which he is currently doing.

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