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Year: 2005

Barry FletcherThe Fleet

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Fletchers Freighters has been an integral part of the Australian road transport industry for over 56 years. Barry is the second generation to run the business started by his father, Syd in 1948.  Barry grew up with trucks being a major part of his lifestyle.

It is no surprise that he went on to become a mechanic upon leaving school.  He did this with CMV in Adelaide.  Barry also completed a Clements School of Management certificate.  Since Barry has taken over the business he has used new technologies to restructure the service and maintenance areas of business into Fletcher Truck Sales.

He has been its managing director since 1989 and has worked hard to foster an excellent customer service ethic and this has seen the economic growth of the business improve from $8 million per annum to $26 million.  Barry personally manages the nation-wide distribution of Berri-branded fruit juices which was one of Barry's father's initial contracts 50 years ago.  Like his father before him, Barry plays a very active role in the politics of the industry and its organisations including serving as a board member of both the SA Road Transport Association and NATROAD, as a committee member of AUFTAC and Transport Training.  He is a life-member of the Australian Trucking Association.

Fletchers are also at the front of many industry innovations and developments including determining and lobbying for B-double access and routes, the use of tri-tri B-doubles, trialling airbag and axle-lift suspensions, the use of single refrigeration units for B-doubles and the implementation of the Trucksafe program.  Barry has been awarded the SES National Medal for his service to that body.  Barry Fletcher is typical of the modern day truckie who gives his all, not only to his business and his staff and associates, but also to the community in which he lives and works.

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