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Year: 2005

Fred GoldspringOdd one out.

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Frederick Martin Goldspring was born in 1927 at Macksville, NSW. Fred commenced his career in truck driving at the age of 14 carting logs for the family business. During this time he gained great knowledge in mechanical repairs, gaining him a reputation as the person to contact concerning any problems with Mack trucks.

In 1943 the Goldspring brothers bought an EH petrol Mack and continued their logging and carting of sawn timbers to Macksville. In 1947 they traded in the EH Mack and acquired an NR Mack. In 1962 the mill burnt down and they sold the remains of the mill to Allen Taylor Pty Ltd.

Fred branched out on his own in 1964 and purchased a B64 Mack for logging. His next buy was a B64 1965 Mack and then an R600 Mack in 1976. Fred ceased logging in 1980 so he sold these trucks and purchased a 1981 Superliner. During this time Fred worked throughout NSW, SA and Qld. The 1981 Superliner has been working for the past 13 years carting coal, sand and gravel and also was used to transport machinery and equipment as part of his currently operating company, Fred Goldspring & Sons. At present this Superliner is being rebuilt to return to work.

Fred's sons, Mark and Peter, have joined forces with Fred in order to create Goldspring's Earthmoving which specialises in heavy haulage, earthmoving and crane hire. The company now owns and operates eight Mack trucks and one Kenworth used for various purposes including the transportation of machinery.

In 1991 Fred purchased a V8 1965 Mack with the intention to restore it in his spare time.

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