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Year: 2005

Warren H GriffithGold Comet Reo

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Warren H Griffiths served with the Royal Navy during World War II and after the war was discharged in Sydney where he obtained his first driving job with Ralph Symonds Pty. Ltd.

They used N/R Macks Rouley Cogs and tubes for their factory that produced three-ply and veneer.  He later drove for George Holder Transport hauling for Rudders, Day St., Sydney, and General Freight, where he stayed for about a year.

His next job was loading tyres and driving a 49 model Austin single-drive and a single axle trailer to Melbourne and Adelaide.   From there he went on to Carl Breed Haulage, hauling cables from Metal Manufacturings in Port Kembla to Adelaide and then reloading salt to Lismore for Allowrie Butter and timber for the trip back to Sydney. Then it was the conquest day and years for Express Freight, Sydney, a member of the United Transport Group. Warren was there for approximately ten years, driving a Kenworth K25 on the Adelaide Shuttle, before eventually becoming Line-haul manager. He had his first spell with Bob Scotts Transport, carting Holden parts and bodies to Melbourne with a Gold Comet Reo and then a 1/8 Reo and low-loader.

Warren then transferred to a Cons-Looder hauling Bulldozers and the likes. Unfortunately, an accident occurred one day when Warren was a passenger in the vehicle and the injuries he received put him out of work for a couple of years. When he eventually returned to work he drove for Linfox , Panecci Transport, Billy George Transport and Carl Breed again. After several years and several jobs, he finally decided to buy his own truck and continued to drive and work until 2003.  Unfortunately Warren was unloading some cartons by hand in very high winds and was blown off the back of the truck; sustaining injuries to his back and legs. He was not be able to drive or work again.

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