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Year: 2005

05_bury_james__delsa_1James and Delsa

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

James Laurence Bury was born in Loxton, SA and initially trained as a mechanic. He decided to move to Trafalgar, Vic  in 1949 to work in the Trafalgar quarry  and a couple of years later  was self-employed carting logs in a Ford Blitz. He remained in trucking  for the rest of his life.

Delsa Lorraine Oliver was born on April 7th, 1938 at South Caulfield The family moved to Trafalgar in 1950.

Delsa worked at Peters Trafalgar Milk Supply and later at Peters, Yarragon. She married Jim in 1956 and quit working for Peters when their first son Bill arrived. She managed the business books and house while Bill and second son Laurie grew up. When the boys left home, Delsa took on a more hands-on role assisting Jim in the truck as well, until they retired in 1994. The couple were well-known for their friendliness, readiness to help, and hospitality.

In 1985 Jim and Delsa were foundation members of the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club. This club has been a wonderful success and responsible for re-igniting local interest in the preservation of our road transport heritage. Jim remained president until he stepped down. Jim joined the general committee in August 2004, whilst Delsa has continued as treasurer and editor from that meeting. With the dedication of the Burys, the club has gone from strength to strength.  The club now has over 65 members, and these enthusiastic and friendly owners travel to events all over the state with their magnificent trucks, to promote them and the hard, often unrecognised work, that trucks and their owner-drivers have done for this nation. Over the years, major events attended include the National Machinery Rallies and  Trucks in Action, as well as the Historic Commercial Vehicle displays, where large numbers of trucks have been assembled.

The club's wonderful hospitality, and dedication to preserving the history of our road transport pioneers is  well-known all over the country thanks to the foundations laid by Jim and Delsa Bury.

Jim passed away in 2009 but Delsa, at 80 years of age in 2010, still works as hard as ever for her beloved club.

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