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Year: 2005

Angus CampbellCattle Truck

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

After leaving school on his 13th birthday, Angus worked on his father's farm until 1947 when he set up his own carrying business with an old ex-WW2 Ford Blitz. Angus then worked in a variety of jobs with a variety of trucks including carting cement from Kandos Portland to Sydney and Wellington and fuel to Wellington from Sydney.

Angus then entered into a partnership with his father in Dubbo, NSW, thus starting almost thirty years of stock carting throughout the remote areas of New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Five B model Macks were used in the Dubbo fleet; a big change after years of driving Leyland, Commer, AEC and Mercedes. While living in Dubbo Angus became involved in the Road Tax Protest Council and instrumental in the formation of the Livestock Carriers Association of  NSW.   Angus also became  the first truck operator to obtain permits for operating roadtrains east of the Darling River.  Angus eventually sold out his Dubbo operation and with  one B-model Mack roadtrain moved to Julia Creek in Queensland.  The roadtrain was lost in a fire within weeks.

This prompted a move to Mt Isa where  Angus was able to buy several trailers and a Leyland Buffalo from Esanda. This formed the base of what was to become a fleet of seven roadtrains. When the contract for NAP became available Angus was successful and by this time had enlisted the help of Keith Marshall as a mechanic and driver. They worked together for 10 years. The years spent with NAP and other cattle-station owners were most rewarding until  the collapse of the cattle market in 1976. As a result Angus sold up and moved to Brisbane where he spent the  five years with W & M Meat Transport before retiring .  His last years were spent travelling Australia with his wife Nola in a caravan.

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