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Year: 2005

Don ClaytonMack Truck

Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2005

Don was born in Bendigo, Vic but grew up on a potato farm just outside Healesville. From an early age he drove the tractors and trucks around the farm and when he turned 16, he got a job on a farm at Kaniva, on the South Australian border, so that he could get his driver's licence earlier.

As soon as Don had his licence, it was back home to look for work. His first  job was carting cabbages into the Old Victoria Market for Adam's Bros of Coldstream, driving a Ford F600, F700 or D model.

Don moved to Marysville  where he met his wife Glenys. He was carting sawn timber to Melbourne for Gould's Transport driving a  Federal,  or an AA150 International and later a Sharkmouth International. By the time he was 19 he  was driving an Acco Butterbox to Dampier, WA but after the truck was repossessed he went home and found a job with Arch McLeish in Albury where he stayed for seventeen years.  When Arch sold his business, it was time to think about going out on his own so Don bought an R600 Mack and carted grain from properties all around southern New South Wales.

In 1994, Don decided to sell off the truck and buy a Silver Eagle coach, which, with his wife Glenys, he turned into an impressive motorhome in which to travel all  around  Australia. In 1999, it was time to leave home and wave good-bye to the kids, and enjoy a life on the road, working in many different jobs, from carting cotton modules in Emerald, Queensland, to driving for Greyhound, Australia, in the Northern Territory.

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