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Year: 2016

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In 1964 Keith Horsey started working with the Tasmanian Government Railways, which saw him work his way up to guard on Tasman Limited.

Upon leaving the Railway, 22 years later, Keith brought his own tip truck (UD Nissan -10 yarder) where he gained contract work with Hazell Bros and Glenorchy City Council.

Due to the demand in work Keith purchased another 2 trucks over the next few years, one being a truck and trailer (Mack).  

After about 10 years of carting gravel and other such products Keith decided to sell the trucks and went on an around Australia working trip.

He started working in Queensland driving  trucks and trailers which then found Keith working in Western Australia and saw him carting farm equipment while working for Macintosh, South Australia and finally Northern Territory, well Alice Springs to be precise.

Keith loved the relaxed atmosphere of the Alice and settled down there for a while. Whilst living in Alice he drove road trains for Bulls Transport and then moved onto being the first and only person to cart Compressed Natural Gas in Australia.

Keith was featured in the article on Landline when they showcased the Transport Hall of Fame; he was driving for Bulls Transport at the time.

After 15 years of driving trucks and seeing a lot of Australia he decided to come back home to Hobart, Tasmania and buy a tractor and a lawn mower and start his own lawn mowing/slashing business until retirement.

Even now Keith continues to help out fellow truck drivers that need a driver for a few days.


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