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Year: 2016

IMG 20160721 0001YOUNG William Clve Whitford Cann River Chip Haulage 1988 Sold to Bob Humphrey Hallmark Oaks Still driving 7 6 16 2YOUNG William Clve Whitford Cann River Chip Haulage 1988 Sold to Bob Humphrey Hallmark Oaks Still driving 7 6 16 4


William ( Bill ) George Young was born in May 1935 in Bonang on the Victorian - NSW border in Gippsland. His family moved to Noorinbee North in the Cann Valley soon after where Bill rode his horse " Echo" eight miles to school with his four sisters. After leaving school he did odd jobs working on farms, sawmills and later for the forest commission.

Bill started his truck driving career later than most. At 28 years of age in 1962 he started driving with John Hansen Transport at Weeragua carting general stock and timber. Over the years Bill drove a variety of trucks including Leyland, Albion, Thames Trader and AEC on local and interstate haulage. After managing the business for 18 months, Bill was keen for a change and went to work for Bob Humphrey's saw mill for a year.

The call of the road was strong and by early 1972 Bill had started driving for Tim Harker Logging where he stayed for the next 16 years. He initially drove a V8 petrol powered C1800 International bogie with a single axle jinker hauling logs around Cann River. This was followed by an ACCO and then an S Line International. When Tim Harker retired in 1988 and sold out Bill went to work for Clive Whitford Logging Contractor. Bill started in a Cat powered Kenworth W Model followed by two Detroit T-600 Kenworths.

In 2003 Bill rolled the T600 on Chip Mill Rd due to mechanical failure. After the truck was repaired it was painted in his beloved Canberra Raiders Rugby League colours. In 2016 Bill was 81 and still moving timber from kilns to a processing shed in Cann River, He also did some float work for Gus McKinnon. Bill was a much loved local legend, and has since sadly passed away in 2020. 

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