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Year: 2021

Diane Graeme Andersons TrucksDiane Graeme Truck Photo


Graeme Douglas Anderson (nicknamed “Shiney”) was born in 1945 and Diane Rosemary Anderson was born in 1949, both at the West Wyalong Hospital in New South Wales. Graeme’s love of trucks came from his father who owned trucks in Ungarie, New South Wales where he grew up. He had learnt how to drive by the age of 14 years.

Still living in Ungarie, by 1966, Graeme had his first truck, a 1945 International KS5 wheat grader.  At the age of 21 years, he met and married Diane and they had a son, Rodney, and daughter, Joanne.

In 1970 Graeme, Diane and family moved into West Wyalong and started their own business, Anderson’s Transport, with an old red 1800 International truck from Diane’s father who owned the local concrete plant and quarry. Their first run was from Melbourne to the West Wyalong plant carting cement, all of which was loaded and unloaded manually. Each round trip, over mostly rough dirt roads, took at least 20 hours and was done three times a week.  The International had no sleeper bunk so Graeme slept over the steering wheel. It was 1972 before the Andersons were able to purchase their first new truck, a G88 Volvo.

Today, their fleet has over 50 trucks, mostly Kenworth which is Graeme’s preferred truck.  Graeme and Diane still run the business and employ over 120 staff. Anderson’s Transport carts mainly produce and general freight between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Graeme and Diane have been nominated four times for Australia Day awards for services to the community. Graeme has won a Bravery Award for pulling a man out of a burning car. 

With 55 years in the transport industry, the Andersons are amazing examples of self-employed, hardworking, true blue Australians and their induction into the ‘Wall of Fame’ is well deserved.                                

                                                                                               Inducted in 2021

Shell Rimula Wall of Fame

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