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Year: 2021

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Paul Jeffery Curran, known as PJ, was born in Melbourne, Victoria, in April 1950.  He gained an early insight into the trucking industry from his older brother, Bud, who worked as an interstate driver.

At 18 years of age, PJ worked as a rigger in Western Australia but when a strike occurred, he was seconded into driving dump trucks. This was his initiation into a career that continued for the next 50 years. On his return to Melbourne in 1970, PJ was employed to work on a scraper, carving out Lilydale Hill and went on to drive tippers.

In 1972 PJ became an owner driver, buying a Bedford to cart furniture. However, in 1975 a new employment opportunity arose and PJ became the first driver signed on by Glen Cameron Trucking, a newly established business. A Bedford was supplied but for longer interstate runs, PJ drove a  Scania or Volvo.

PJ again became an owner driver in 1985, initially starting with an 8 tonner then progressing to semi’s which included T-Line Internationals and Freightliners.

His time as a driver has been varied from driving through the Queensland floods in the 80’s with the water lapping at the seat; loading and unloading 67 kilo bags of flour all by hand and carting the Hut used in the film, “The Man from Snowy River.” The early days were long and hard but never boring. Unlike today, there were no mechanics on call and drivers had to fix problems themselves such as chaining axles in order to keep on moving and attaching string to windscreen wipers, operated by a pulley system, when electronics failed in torrential downpours.

Recently PJ participated in the community event ‘Touch a Truck’ which gives children the opportunity to explore the workings of a truck. PJ is currently still trucking as an owner driver for Glen Cameron Trucking and still drives a 1996, 18 speed bonneted  Freightliner.                                                                       Inducted in 2021 

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