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Year: 2021



Vic Faoro, known as “Slippery” was born in Italy in 1945. At the age of nine, he migrated to Australia with his family and settled in Melbourne, Victoria.

Vic started driving a Leyland and an Albian truck from 1965 to 1966 in Darwin, Northern Territory for Inter Construction, doing town deliveries.  After this, Vic returned to Melbourne and took up residence in Noble Park.  He then commenced working for Green McCandlish, carting for Carlton United Brewery driving a Commer and an International AB semi. He stayed in this job for three years.  

In 1969, Vic travelled back to Darwin and worked for Inter Construction for another 12 months. He spent three months driving a B Model Mack for Ready Mix and the other nine months driving a C motor Mack on road building in the new Moil subdivision. Vic then went to work for Steven’s Transport, from 1970 to 1972, driving BP fuel tankers to deliver aviation fuel to Alice Springs and Mt Isa. This work was done in a R Model Mack and a Kenworth W Model.

In 1973, Vic returned to Melbourne and spent the next six years driving from Melbourne to Darwin via Perth. In 1979, he purchased his own truck, a Louisville 1979 model, and subcontracted for BHP in Hastings, Victoria for the next 18 years. It was during this period that Vic met the love of his life, Juli, and they raised their two sons, Ryan and Jarrod.

In 1997, Vic began subcontracting for Rand Refrigerated Transport, loading trailers onto trains bound for Perth. He continued to do this for six years.  In 2003, Vic started subcontracting for BHP in Braeside, Victoria, delivering steel which he did for eight years. When the motor blew up in Vic’s truck, he made the decision to walk away from the trucking industry and retire.  Vic soon realised though, that he was not ready to give it away yet so he worked part time for the next three years for Exfoliators Pty Ltd, delivering perlite and vermiculite.

At that point, Vic was ready to hang up the keys and enjoy retirement with Juli. They live in Narre Warren, Victoria, and Vic spends his days in his Keysborough factory where he “tinkers”.                            Inducted in 2021            

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