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Year: 2021

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Dennis Gary Jones was born in Glenferrie, Victoria, in March 1947. His father had an ice delivery business, delivering block ice from the back of a 1920’s Chev tray truck and later, a plaster delivery business, driving a 1956 8- tonne tray truck. In his early years, Dennis was fascinated with vehicles and pulled apart his father’s old ute, just to see how it worked. Of course, he then had to put it back together again!

In 1963 Dennis began an apprenticeship as a boilermaker/welder which led to his employment with Bowmaster Industries, where he worked on the fabrication of car carriers.  Dennis moved on in 1974 to work for Marshall Lethlean Transport Industries, starting out as a boilermaker/welder. He progressed to the position of Workshop Foreman, then became the Assistant Service Manager, moved on to the job of Production Manager and ended up being the  Service Manager. The experience Dennis gained from working in different roles in the business gave him a thorough knowledge and understanding of the production of transport equipment. In  November 1976, Dennis was elected as an Associate of the Institute Of Road Transport Engineers.

Dennis started working at Holmewood Highgate Pty Ltd, petroleum tank builders and repairers, in 1985 as the Works Manager. Along with the proprietors, Dennis worked to establish the Victorian operations of the company.  In 1987, Dennis began a six year stint as General Manager for Gould Coach and Truck Engineering. Employment followed with  Colrain Southern Pty. Ltd, Hamelex Australia Pty. Ltd., Peki Armacoat Pty.Ltd and Jackson Transport Bodies. 

Deciding on a change of direction, Dennis began working as a school and coach charter driver which he did for fifteen years before retiring from full-time employment in 2014.  He then took on two months of driving  with Outback Tours in Coober Pedy,  South Australia.

Currently, Dennis drives coaches on a casual basis for Simcocks’ Bus Services in Pakenham, Victoria. He is married to Karen-Anne and between them they have five children and twelve grandchildren/ great grandchildren.                                                                            Inducted in 2021

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