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Year: 2021

Brian Purtill HeadshotBrian his children Jordan Ben getting ready to OB Bedford out 2001Brians K112 Scania Birdsville races wet year 1992


Brian Neil Purtill was the youngest of six boys, born into the Purtill family in September 1964 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. Brian started his career in the transport industry at the age of 16 when he took up an apprenticeship as a motor trimmer, making and repairing truck tarps.

Brian’s father, Keith, had established himself in 1951 operating a successful bus and fuel business in the Deniliquin area. It was this family business Brian joined in 1985 as a fuel truck, school bus and charter coach driver.

Proceeding Keith’s passing, Brian immersed himself further in the business, taking on tour work around Australia until 1994.  For the next five years, Brian played a key role in the business branching out into gas distribution as he acted as the manager and bulk delivery driver to the local area. During this time, he and his wife welcomed the birth of their two children, Jordan and Ben. 

Between 1999 and 2000, four of the six brothers left the family business which resulted in Brian becoming the Operations and Workshop manager. In 2000, Brian was asked to work in management at Regents Park Bus Depot for the Sydney Olympics for three months; it was at this time that Brian became a driver authority trainer. 

Brian had achieved many things when managing the Purtill family business. He promoted the acquisition of Husseys Buses, boosted the fleet from 18 to 41 buses and added 12 hire cars.  He continued to manage the running of the fuel trucks and service stations whilst overseeing all operational components of the business.

In 2013, Brian made the hard decision to leave the family business, but not the industry. He quickly became a licensed driving instructor teaching teenagers and adults to drive cars, buses and trucks. 

In 2016, Brian underwent his training to become a New South Wales Bus Operator Accreditation System Auditor (BOAS) for the New South Wales bus industry. Brian currently runs his own business as a driving instructor, BOAS Auditor and Driver authority trainer.                         Inducted in 2021

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