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Year: 2021



Marion Rasmussen (nee Brandon), known as ‘Maz’,  was born in England in October, 1962.  Her driving career as a pilot escort began  in 1988 and lasted for 28 years.  Marion worked for Stan Wallace and then Graham Allen Earthmoving in Gladstone, Queensland.  It was in 1993, while she was working for Graham, that she met her husband-to-be, Alan Rasmussen. Since then, they have had many memorable years together in the trucking industry.

It was Alan who taught Marion how to operate trucks and floats, change tyres, (bag them up), grease and drive machines onto the floats. It was all work that  Marion loved.  


Marion obtained her heavy vehicle licence in the Governor Phillip Bicentennial Mack thanks to its owner, Graham Allen, who gave her a start in driving trucks.  When Cooks Constructions took over, Marion started driving a Mack ultraliner V8.  

In 2011 Marion was driving yard dogs, semi-trailers and floats for Australia Pacific LNG  and in  2016  she learnt to operate a truck and trailers with Ron Stevens in Gladstone.

In 2017 Marion began working for Mini-Excavations in Gladstone,  driving a truck and trailer and is  still employed there today.

Marion’s worst and most unforgettable trip was at Commonwealth Hill, South Australia. A PC 1000 excavator had been loaded but half a kilometre later, they were  bogged in 42° heat with plenty of flies to keep them company!                                                            Inducted in 2021

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