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Year: 2019

HEATHER DEANNE JONES known as 'Jonesy' was born in Harvey WA, in April 1966. Her father, Ron Jones, was a crane operator and truck driver in Harvey WA transporting logs to the mill. As a young child, Heather would often accompany her father. This began Heathers love for big machines! Heather began her working career in doing office administration before becoming a legal secretary. It didn't take long for Heathers love of big machines to draw her into to the remote mines of Western Australia to operate 150 tonne Haulpaks in Cape Lambert. In the late 1980s Heather gave birth to daughters Kersti, and Chelsea, and seven years later, became a single parent. A close friend allowed Heather to take her two children alongside her in a truck to earn a modest living whilst also home-schooling two daughters on the road. Her favourite memories are of her and her two daughters driving together in the South West of Western Australia, carting grain and getting to bond with her daughters.

Heather has been training drivers since 2005 and sits on several industry boards promoting road safety, driver education and the professionalism of truck drivers. She is the current owner/operator of Success and founded the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls in 2014. During her career, Heather has driven tippers, tankers, single, double and triple road trains, oversize loads, pilot vehicles and 50 and 100 tonne floats. Heather has fought relentlessly for better driver training and better conditions for truck. Some of Heathers awards include Winner of the 40 Under 40 Award 2006, Winner of the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year 2006, Winner of the ATA Outstanding Contribution to the Transport Industry 2015, Finalist in the Women in Industry Awards for Excellence in Commercial Road Transport 2016, Winner of the NTI WA Transport Woman of the Year 2005 and 2007 and one of WA's 50 Most Influential Women 2012.

Heather cherishes all the people and fellow truckies she has met on the road who have become her extended family. She appreciates the opportunities she was given when she began her career and enjoys the empowerment of being behind the wheel of a 700 horsepower triple road train! After 25+ years in the industry, Heather still finds great joy in passing on her knowledge to the next generation, through the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls training programs.

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