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Year: 2019

HERBERT CHARLES DUNN (Bert) was born in Trentham Victoria in 1948. After he left at school at 15 he worked in his father's pulp wood business driving an ex Army Chevrolet Blitz snigging logs in the bush. By time he was 18 Bert was operating his own truck; a 1966 Bedford. It was the truck that heralded a lifetime career in the trucking and a love of the transport industry. In his early years Bert carted pulpwood and potatoes to Melbourne and Sydney . He also carted livestock locally and 100 feet long poles on an extendable timber jinker to the harbor trust in Port Melbourne. After moving to Ballarat in 1980 Bert began transporting refrigerated freight to Adelaide and Perth and later woodchips from Myrtleford to Laminex in Ballarat.

As the business grew it became Dunns Transport and operated with depots in Melbourne and Adelaide as well as Ballarat. By this time the fleet numbered twelve trucks which usually carted general and containers to and from the Melbourne wharf. Both his sons worked in the business for this period. Over the years Bert has owned and operated many trucks from his first Bedford to Internationals, Kenworths and Ivecos. Bert's favourite is his 1981 SAR Kenworth which he still owns and is planning to restore 'one day'. Bert has many fond memories of his time on the road but says there were also many unexpected challenges. He recalls pulling a driver from his burning rig to save his life. Another time Bert rolled his own truck down an embankment but managed to free himself unhurt.

In later years Bert gave up running long distance. He did his last run to Adelaide in an Aerodyne B Double in 2016. He took over local deliveries and organising loads and drivers as well as picking up containers from the wharf. In 2017 knee and shoulder problems forced him into retirement. Bert recalls his days on the road as long hours and lots of hard work but he wouldn't have it any other way. The many adventures he had and the lifelong friendships he made along the way make it all worthwhile. Today, in 2019, Bert is enjoying his retirement. He is still on the road, but this time as a grey nomad having a good look at the country. Congratulations Bert.

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