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Year: 2015

Peter Warr was born on the 31st May 1946 in Cairns. His contribution to trucking began long before he was legally allowed to drive. He would often go with his father in his tip truck on the construction of the Geelong Freeway. At 15 Peter was fined for driving a truck unlicenced while working with his dad.

From 18 to 24, Peter worked FC Kerr where he got his semi-trailer licence. He then started working for ESSO driving Kenworths and Whites delivering gas and petrol interstate. He became Union rep to 88 members and because he always had the driver's interests at heart, he was offered the job as union Organiser but declined to continue driving. It was here that he met and married Janet, Charlie Game's daughter.

At 33 Peter left ESSO to work for Ansett Freight Express as a sub-contractor with a four tonne van. He again joined the union committee where he was a key player in EBAs. Peter played a key role on the shopping centre committee, ensuring the safety of drivers at shopping centre delivery points. After many years at Ansett, Peter accepted a redundancy.

Over the next few years, Peter drove for Linfox and Chalmers. When he was 51, Peter started working at Patricks where he drove semi-trailers delivering containers to and from the wharves. As was the norm, he joined the union committee.

In 2008, Peter was featured in a book called The stalwarts by Paul G Bourke. It is a tribute to some of the longest serving members of the TWU in Victoria and Tasmania. There is a chapter dedicated to Peter and his life in trucking. Bourke wrote this book about the workers who make it happen, salt of the earth, hard working, no-nonsense people who deliver the goods and services to the community. These words sum up Peter along with caring and very passionate about wanting what was best for the truckies.

Driving trucks was all Peter knew until at 64 due to an accident at work he was confined to office duties. He had to learn new skills, including using a computer. He retired at 68.

Peter's best memories are making lifelong friends and the managers that he worked alongside who supported him throughout his driving years. One of the struggles that Peter endured was negotiations with hard headed and stubborn bosses. The toughest part was not being able to drive trucks.

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