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Year: 2015

When Brian (Stalky) Warr started his driving career in 1950 he did two short stints with a couple of owners, Len Drury and Eddy Vaughan going interstate. In 1951 Brian began driving for Colliers Interstate Transport which was later amalgamated into Collier Garland Brisbane.

In 1957 Brian moved to Morwell, Victoria driving coal trucks for 12 months before returning to Melbourne in 1958 to work for Sir Peter Ables at Altrans. After Altrans he went to Barlow Interstate Transport followed by a short stint with Bruce McPhee and then Vaughan Transport.

Brian started with his longest employer in 1961 when he began with Ansett Freight Express. In 1964 the WOW factor came into the game when he started driving an S Model Kenworth that Ansett took delivery of. There were 14 Kenworths all up.

Brian was with Ansett for 30 years until he retired in 1992 at the age of 65. In 1991 he was awarded the Driver Of The Year. Brian reckoned that the first 10 years were the hardest but the best. This being due to the camaraderie in the game.

There were many interesting occasions with one being during the 1956 floods. The Hume Highway was closed at Billabong Creek with 35 trucks stuck there. Brian got a lift back to Holbrook to buy meat and beer with money chipped in by all. The local farmers also looked after them with a couple of their flock. While the Hume was still impassable Brian and Vic Haber had a load each for the Sydney Markets. They had to use the coast road. They left on Saturday morning for the Monday morning market. The road was a tight and winding dirt road. At Club Terrace the back of Brian's trailer slipped off the road, losing half his load of potatoes. They purposely pulled his semi into the middle of this so called highway.A Pioneer Coach en-route pulled up and not being able to get through, the passengers helped with reloading the trailer. They missed the morning market, not arriving until Monday night.

Brian's son David has taken over the truckie role in the family but has big shoes to fill.

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