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Year: 2015

Bryan (Webby) Webb was born in Enfield in 1947. He was raised on the family farm at Mongarlowe near Braidwood, New South Wales. Bryan left school at the age of 15 which was when he first got involved in trucks, driving an old Austin table top. Next he moved to Melbourne to learn a trade in wool classing. Bryan moved back to Goulburn to work for Hancock's buying sheep skins around the district, driving a Dodge 400 V8 petrol.

Webby was 21 when he got a job with Greenways, driving a Diamond T agitator which had little or no brakes. From there he worked for Neville Rudd, driving a Dodge 784T with a 361 V8 petrol engine, carting for the DMR by day and slipping down to Port Kembla for a load of super at night. In 1971 Bryan and three mates headed to north Western Australia to work for the Yanks building the Pannawonica rail line. Here Webby was driving B model tippers.

After 12 months he returned to Goulburn and bought his first truck a B-61 Mack and a flat top trailer that he carried sheep skins and general freight, local and interstate.

Bryan updated to an Acco with a 555 Cummins carting general freight until he bought a tipper to sub-contract for the DMR. Bryan sold the Acco and went to work for Len Mclntyre. Over the next nine years, he drove a slimline cabover Kenworth with an 871GM towing a bulk cement tank. An SAR with a Cummins, cabover Kenworth and an Aerodyne Kenworth, both with 892 GM's carting general freight such as wool, cotton, glass, plasterboard, steel etc. Two of the most memorable times being a roadtrain of crushing machinery from Sydney to Broome and towing 2 by 60 foot extendables carting pipes to Moomba. In 1988 he drove for Curly Sutherland who he bought a W model Kenworth with a 4O0 Cummins, then off to sub-contracting for Mcphee Transport (later TNT) on the Sydney to Melbourne run. A T900 and 2 by Aerodyne Kenworths (all with Series 60s). Bryan was still sub-contracting for TNT.

Although semi retired Bryan is still involved in Natroad and is the president of Convoy for Kids Goulburn. Webby had an immediate impact on everyone he met on the road over the years. He loves his farming, family and catching up with mates for a beer.

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