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Year: 2015

32 years ago Brian Watts started trucking, driving for John Dargan Transport and Greg Glenn Transport, before buying his own outfit, a 1985 M142 V8 Scania, towing for B&M Menz, Sydney Towing, Midway Freight Lines, and then Toll in 1993 with his new M143.

While in Sydney, a health scare with a heart attack left Brian at a crossroad. It was about this time when wondering what to do with himself, that the Green & Gold Contractors job presented itself. In 2002 Brian became an integral member of the Green & Gold Contractors Team.

After searching high and low for a driver, Brian responded to an ad, travelling 600 kms and talking his way into the job. Green & Gold had their way of operating, but it wasn't long before Green & Gold started doing things Wattsy's way!

His first run was a B-double load, which Brian wasn't licenced for, so he was 'driver under instruction' with Matt, despite being 60 and driven most of his life. Brian is a slick operator, with systems for every possible facet of work. He knows the best tracks around the state, not the shortest, but the quickest. He can recall the location of every stack from Tungamah to the back of beyond.

Brian has carted into most states and Territories with GGC, straw runs throughout Victoria and New South Wales, Beaudesert in Queensland, Collarenabri, Rollersten, Boomi and Thallon, and machinery loads into the Top End and Queensland.

The straw job in north east Victoria was Brian's main run, which he considered his own and ran it like it was an asset to a family business, and a real testament to Brian's work ethic. Catch-ups are always peppered with Wattsy's stories, from horse and milk carting runs in his youth, to antics on the road with wayward coppers, a story for another time perhaps!

Of his time with Green & Gold Contractors Brian surmises I will miss driving the Volvo 480 I-shift, B-double, especially into the Northern Territory. I loved meeting the farmers where I delivered hay, the roads, the open spaces and meeting other drivers along the way.

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