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Year: 2015

Henry Wagner started driving trucks in 1951 at the age of 17 with his first truck being a 1934 three ton Bedford. Henry has always had a strong interest in transport and this truck will always hold a strong place in his memory.

He drove several body type trucks throughout the years and remembers fondly the first truck he drove interstate which was a V8 petrol engine 1959 Ford semi-trailer. As the years progressed he drove an International single drive prime mover interstate for two years carting bagged grain to Sydney and Melbourne, returning with boxed Ford parts from Melbourne and general cargo from Sydney. His last trip was not as successful and in 1961 chose not to travel interstate any longer.

Henry moved on to cart sand and gravel and in 1967, he carted the raw materials for Pioneer Concrete in Toowoomba. A few years later in 1972, Henry built his first concrete plant and operated many tippers and concrete agitators which he then sold to Sellars in 1985 to start his own business, Wagner Bulk Carriers, carrying road building materials, cement, concrete, sand and gravel.

In 1989 Henry, with his four sons as partners, started their own concrete plant, trading as Wagners. Wagners operated various innovative transport configurations to stay ahead of their opposition from the early 1990s until present day. Wagners remains a family owned Australian company with a reputation for delivering high quality products and services both nationally and internationally. The company's focus is on cement, flyash and lime, reinforcing steel, on site concrete supply, contract crushing and bulk transport, as well as lightweight composite fibre products. The company employs numerous local staff in each location. They operate as sub-contractors and have recently finished the construction of Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, in which they are the owners and operators.

During his driving career Henry was very proud that he never received a speeding fine, log book offence, an overloading offence, or any other offence associated with his driving career. This is a credit to Henry's professionalism and dedication to the transport industry.

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