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Year: 2015

Peter Twyford was born in Candelo, New South Wales, on the 4th May 1937. His father was an owner driver, doing general haulage in the Bega district. Carting cream cans from dairies to local factories, livestock to markets, groceries and beer to local shops and pubs in Candelo.

Peter followed in his father's footsteps. He learnt to drive while sitting on an Arnotts biscuit tin so he could see out. When pulled up by the local constabulary it was decided that a license would be necessary. In order to get a license he added two years to his age, which had to be taken into consideration on other occasions later in life.

Peter worked for several years with his brother Paul driving cattle and timber trucks. From there he went to work for Frank Robinson driving dozers and logging trucks, beginning with an R190 International. He stayed with Frank for several years.

He then went to work for Sheehan family driving milk tankers, on local pickup and to Canberra. He worked for the family for eighteen years starting off in Commers and Bedfords. Then to a C Line International and finishing in a variety of models of Mercedes Benz. Peter took a two week break during this time to see if he preferred to work with his brother Paul. He chose to go back to driving milk tankers.

As a sideline Peter had a few head of cattle. One day the bull got out. In the process of getting it back into the paddock he fell and broke his collar bone. He drove the milk tanker up and down Brown Mountain, between Bega and Canberra, for a week before going to the doctor.

This was the dedication Peter had for his work until his untimely death in a truck accident on the 12th August 1982. He was survived by his wife and four children. His eldest son, Darren, was tragically killed in a trucking accident some six years later at the age of sixteen.


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