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Year: 2015

Lindsay Bruce Stoddard was born in Bega, New South Wales on the 27th June 1949, a truck driver's son. Lindsay married twice, his first wife gave him three sons Steven (dec), Martin and Dion.

Lindsay started his official driving career after years of driving with his dad at 12 years of ages in the Snowy Mountains where he drove Theiss Brothers in a R190. His dad worked the Snowy for many years so Lindsay got to drive and operate many different trucks and equipment.

His first official driving job was with Tony D'Ambrosio carting bricks from Sydney to Canberra. He then drove for many companies until Ray Ablett gave him a job. He was Ablett Transport's first full time driver and he drove for them for six years. Lindsay then came to Alice Springs in February 1982. After a while he started driving for Buntine's Roadways carting lime to Jabiru.

He met his second wife Sue when he first arrived in Alice Springs. They moved back to Canberra for a short while where he drove for Abletts transport again. He married Sue and they had a daughter Tracey Lee born in Canberra. In 1988 Lindsay moved back to Alice Springs and drove for McBride Transport for six years, he then started driving for Ascot Haulage Northern Territory where he drove for 15 years until 2014.

Once when coming out of Darwin Lindsay was at Emerald Springs and was walking back to his truck as he walked past a John Bain Transport Trailer a crocodile fell out of the trailer and ran between his legs into the dam beside the Roadhouse where a few dogs and chooks disappeared.

Lindsay still drives in Alice Springs at 66 years old and as long as he can get in and out of a cab he will continue to drive trucks.

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